Front yard demo.

I wanted to title this post "Crash, Bam, Pop!" but thought better of myself. 

While a little dramatic, there was a lot of noise going on in our yard Saturday morning - and it was all for good! 


The ranch had rented an excavator for the week, so before it went back Saturday at noon, Jack came over and started to tear out the rock wall and flower beds in our front yard.  The ranch installed a septic system for the sale barn right in front of our flower beds, and we needed to figure out a way to design the yard so that cars wouldn't drive on top of the septic system.  Seperately, I'd been trying to figure out what to do with the rock wall/flower bed combo that's been in the front of our yard that has DRIVEN ME CRAZY because I cannot control the grass that grows through the rocks, and there isn't really enough soil to make a flower bed shine, so weeds were prone to taking over.  So we decided to remove the beds, haul sand in and just extend our front lawn over the new septic.

I am super excited about what the final product will look like, and snapped a few pictures of the demo that happened on Saturday....

Jack went to work tearing it all out - he is so skilled at operating large equipment, and really did a nice job.  We are so thankful for all of his help.  After the rocks and railroad ties had been removed, Jack, Duane and Ty hauled sand in (and later this week, screened manure) so that I can plant grass seed and extend our lawn when the temps regulate a bit.  (It's supposed to be 106* here today....not exactly the best grass growing weather.)  Then the ranch has hired a company to install curbing around our yard and the yard planted over the septic system and then we won't have to worry about cars or trucks driving where they shouldn't!

And I'll be left with just grass to mow, and only flowers in pots/beds to deal with - a win/win situation for all!  I'm so excited - and thankful.

Since we had the excavator there....

Patsy mentioned that Jack might as well just take out the dead locust tree that was in the corner of our yard, and I also wanted to take down the "not so pretty, but still alive" pine tree that was right next to it.  The locust tree removal was planned and a great improvement....the pine tree was a last minute thought and there's still mixed feelings whether or not it was good or bad.  Jack just pushed the locust tree over with the excavator, but since the pine tree was close to our cement driveway the guys were concerned about the roots pulling up the cement.  So Jack held on to the tree while Clint used his chainsaw to cut it down.  Then Clint just sawed the tree in half, and they hauled it out.  There'll be a stump to deal with, but eventually it'll rot out enough where we can push it out without having to worry about the cement. 

"Before" Pic - The pine tree Jack has in the exacavator & the locust to the right of it were removed.

"After" - Just a few bare spots to patch with grass - or gravel over, which is what we'll do where the locust was.

The guys worked hard - Jack, Duane, Clint, Jesse and Ty loaded up all of the dead/pushed over/cut down trees onto a flat bed, and by lunchtime when we left for Joseph, all that remained was scattered limbs and chunks of branches that I'll pick up and clean tonight. 

I'm so thankful for all of the help this weekend.  Running an excavator, or sawing down a tree, or driving the dump trucks it takes to haul in sand or cart off trees isn't something that I'm very good at - so it's really nice to have a group of people around who are experts and enjoy doing that kind of work.

And I'm so thankful for all of them - it's a great crew of people we get to live and work with here at Double M!


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