Fun for the Whole Herd.

Do you enter your local fair?
Do you take open class livestock?
Turn in pies baked in your kitchen for tasting?
Submit vegetables grown in your garden for judging?
There's something local, community minded, down home and old fashioned about entering into the fair.
It just makes me happy.
Last year was the first year I entered photos into our local fair, and I just submitted my entry for this year's fair today.  If you live in Umatilla County - enter here by July 23rd - it's super easy!
  The first week of August is always the Umatilla County Fair and this year's theme is "Fun for the Whole Herd!".
Seven images is what I entered - in seven categories.  The nice thing about entering photos is that you don't have to choose your images until you arrive at the fair - you just have to note what categories you're entering.
I chose Kids, Farm Scenes, Local Scenes, Sunrise/Sunset, Pets & Domestic Animals, Special Effects and the Fair Theme - Fun for the Whole Herd
I don't exactly have a real scientific method in which I choose my photos - I usually just scan through my blog and chose the images that I love the most.  Then I figure out what categories they might fit into and enter. 
I sent my images to Costco today to be printed - but I have too many.  To help narrow down the field, I'd love your input.  If you have time to comment, would you let me know if any of the below strike you?  I know my photos aren't professional quality and I'm not fishing for compliments here - just honest feed back to see if I'm nuts or somewhat on target. 
See you at the fair!  :)





  1. AnonymousJuly 20, 2014

    Hi Darcy,

    I like all the photos, thanks for sharing! These are the ones that stood out for me: the first and last ones, three kids with their show steers, roan horse running, Grady with your dogs, cattle trailing through the field kicking up dust, Grady, cow with calf nursing, calf in the snow, and girl showing. Good luck at the fair!!!

    Barb Green


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