Splish splashing.

It was the perfect evening for a pool party.
The weather was welcoming as friends visited, kiddos played in the pool and the obligatory annual group pictures were taken.

There was diving...and cannonballs...and chicken fights.

And laughter.

Yes, there was lots of laughter.

Like I said, it was the perfect evening for a pool party.

2014 Estes Pool Party Group Pic

Funny faces :P


Cannonball-er extraordinaire.

Chicken fights!

Every great pool party needs a pool boy, right? :)

The fabulous view from my little spot in the shade.

Thank you Estes family for including us again this year - we are grateful!


PS - I had to post this picture, even though Brandi will probably kill me. ;)

I'd arrived a bit late to the party, and had quietly taken a seat in the shade at Grandma Bev's.  My camera clicked, capturing kids, as I visited with Amy and Anna.  Later on, Brandi came over to say hello and that she hadn't even seen me come in.  I'm not sure who said it, but somewhere the phrase "Creeper with the camera" got let out and we all had a good laugh over it.

So the next time you see a girl sitting in the shade, capturing memories with clicks....it's not a creeper. Just me, lol.  :)


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