The Char's.

I had a little bit of free time Saturday morning, so I headed out to look at the Charolais pairs and take a few pictures.  Clint has them separated from the main Double M herd right not so he can turn out Charolais bulls (only) with the cows. 


They're a cute little bunch of calves - and I especially enjoyed getting to see Lolita. 


I haven't hardly taken any pictures of the Charolais or Double M calves at all this spring/summer.  Now that we've slowed down a bit in our personal life (I always say that July is our "vacation" month), hopefully I can get out a bit more to do that.

If you have cattle - how are your calves looking?  Are you getting ready to pre-condition?  Or will you just wean and ship this year with the high prices?


  1. Darcy,
    I like the char picts. We have neighbors that breed to char bulls and I like to see the smoky colored calves.

    How are our calves looking? J is our cattle checker. If there are problems he is the man. So, I haven't been around to see the calves in a while. We are moving the young group of pairs this morning.

    I will say the yearlings are looking good.

    We pre-condition in September or late August,it just depends on the year. If we start dealing with dust pneumonia or something we will pre-condition earlier vs. wait to September.

    The last few years we have done both. We ship a couple loads of big steers off the cow and wean the rest. This is an unbelievable cattle market!

  2. Love every time you post pics of the chars.


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