The Summer Sizzle.

I spent last weekend in Connell, Washington at the Summer Sizzle jackpot show.  Leslie and Alan Alexander put on the show and do a tremendous job.  They're backed by a great group of sponsors and volunteers, and overall the show is just a really fun experience for the kids.

The quality of cattle this year was great - over 70 steers and 13 classes of heifers were there.  That's a lot of cattle!  Cara Ayres judged the show, and did a great job evaluating the cattle and working with the kids.  Her husband Tommy worked the ring, and was quick to give a kid a pointer or help with an unruly heifer or steer in a positive manner.  The two of them together did a great job.  

I was up at the show taking pictures, and thought I'd share a few of my favorites from the steer show with you.  All of the pictures will be posted on the Summer Sizzle Facebook page later this week for downloading.

Jackpot season has just about wrapped up, as kids prepare for their county fairs. 

I wish them all the best of luck!

Success is reason enough.


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