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Last week, Robyn who blogs at The Ranch Wife Chronicles tagged me in a little "blog pass along" that's going around blog-land, and while I'm not usually one to forward on "chains", I thought that this group of questions was thought provoking, so I thought I'd post a few thoughts based on the prompts.

If you'd like to read Robyn's response, it can be found here:


What are you working on relative to writing?

I think a lot about what makes a blog interesting to read.  While the main reason I blog is to have a recorded memory of events and pictures from our lives, I also try to make what I write interesting for those who stop by this little space.  I try to write about our real life, and tell a story through pictures and words about what it's like to live our lifestyle.

The thing I like most about blogging is that it gives me a chance to post about things going on in our lives.  Simple things - like helping our friends haul cows to Ukiah, above - that I want to remember.  Without this blog, I'm not sure I'd be as dedicated to taking pictures or writing down memories.

But I got off subject.....back to the prompt, lol.  When it comes to what I write, I try to mix up my writing with posts that are informative, with posts that may just serve as a placeholder to record an event, and with posts that are motivational.  I'm not exactly sure what is the most interesting for people to read...but I hope that my writing comes across as genuine.

What makes your work different from others’ work in the same genre?

I guess I don't think about this much.  Probably because I don't blog for income, and while it's nice to see comments on my posts, I'm not too worried about stats.  I just try to be authentic, write what I'm thinking about, and if I can help someone understand our way of life, all the better.

Why do you write what you do?

I write because I want to remember.  I write and post pictures because I like to look back and read and see details.  I write because it's an easy way to keep our families in the loop of what's going on in our lives.  I write because it's a creative outlet for me that I solely control.  (Haha, can you tell I'm a Type A from that sentence?!?)  I write because it's fun.  I write because others say they enjoy reading my posts.  But mostly, I write because I want to remember.

I want to remember bowling with the Murdock's for Mack's birthday.

I want to remember how there was still snow on the Eagle Caps in the middle of summer and how good of a grass year it's been.

It's pretty simple, really.  I just want to write so that I can remember all of the blessings I've been given.

How does your writing process work?

I usually post 3-5 times a week, just depending on what's going on that week.  Because I write about what's going on in our life, if it's a slow week I won't post as much.  If we have a lot going on (and I'm able to take pictures and have time) I'll probably post more often.  When I have my camera with me, as I'm capturing images I try to think about how I could use them in a post and make sure I have enough pictures so that I can tell a story.  Then I go home and write a post around those pictures.  I rarely will write a post and then go take pictures for it.

I try to at least post once a week, even if I'm swamped, because I know my family and Clint's family checks the blog often and I like to keep them involved on what's going on.  I try do write a few "regular" posts a week/month.  I especially like to write "5 on Friday" posts, because if I have a snippet or a picture that I like but that isn't enough for a full post, I'll incorporate it into my Friday post.  I also like to post one post on the last day of the month that includes some of my favorite pictures from that month.  I'll write a few sentences for this post, but mostly it's just pictures - and while they may not make sense to others, they're usually pictures that I love and think of as a "favorite". 

Here another writer that I want you to learn more about:

My cousin Alicia over at Sampling Life!

Head over to Alicia's blog to learn about life as an Iowa farm girl, turned communications mega-star! 

Thanks Robyn for tagging me in this pass along - it was fun!


  1. Darcy,
    In my opinion, you are meeting (and exceeding) your blog goals! I love reading about your life, I enjoy the story your pictures tell and have enjoyed getting to know you. I related to your answers to the questions and feel the same. Keep up the genuine work.

  2. You are the best!

  3. Great to have you in the Blog world!! :-) Love it!

  4. You always have fantastic photos {which always expand the story you are telling}! I often feel like I am right there with you! Completely authentic!

  5. Thanks for the plug. Two great posts on the horizon but waiting on some pics !


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