5 on Friday.

1. Just shake it off.

Hi there.

It's been a week

Nothing earth shattering....just one of those weeks where I've felt just a little off.  Blah.  A little bit needy.  A little bit insecure.  A little bit off kilter.  Maybe it's hormones, or just stress but I've had a few nights where I've woken up after a nightmare, and wasn't sure if I was still dreaming - or if it all really happened.   Yuck, isn't that the worst?  Because you begin to doubt yourself....

And while I wasn't going to post about it, I decided to anyway.

No one likes perfect.

We all say we want it, and that we're going to achieve it, but let's face it:
Perfect is over-rated.

So as I was driving to work yesterday morning, I kept asking myself - "How do I shake out of this?"  And then I came across Taylor Swift's new music video. I'm not a huge Taylor fan, but love the message of this song -
Sometimes you just have to shake it off.
And so I did on Thursday.
I just shook it all off - all of the stress, all of the worries and just told myself:
Start fresh.  Shake it off.
And it worked.  Today was much better.  Easier.  Happier.
2. Speaking of today.
It's been a great day.
It's my Friday off of work, so I helped the crew at the ranch preg and precondition this morning.  The guys gathered the cows early this morning, and so while I was watching the road, I also got to take a few pictures of the sunrise on the meadows.
We live in a beautiful place - and I'm so thankful that it likes to "show off" to us.
3. Boxes

Every year at work, we ship a group of files to a storage facility because we don't have room to store all of the paperwork that's created.  This fall, we're moving to a new building so we are trying to ship as many boxes as possible before our move.  That way we're not moving boxes twice.

A group of gals from our office boxed up these boxes last fall, but it wasn't until this month that we got approval to finally ship them.  I've spent the last week weighing files on my bathroom scale (we didn't have one that weighed over 5 lbs at the office), labeling, creating shipping labels and taping boxes shut.
I'll be glad when the UPS truck hauls them off!  :)
4. My Favorite Camisoles
Lindsay and I were shopping at Costco last weekend, and even though we both already own some, we each picked up a package of these camisoles since they were on sale. You can also buy them online here.  I've worn this brand of camisoles for years (literally!) and they really hold up.  They're also super soft, lightweight but good quality and long enough to cover your tush - which is why I always wear one when I wear leggings.  I also wear them under regular shirts because they're not bulky at all, and tuck in well so I never have to worry about skin showing if I bend over or reach for something.
And right now they're on sale so you get 2 camisoles for less than $8.
How great is that?
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5. I don't really have a fifth item....
So I thought I'd bookend this post with another sunrise picture I took on my way to work right after I got on the on-ramp by our house....

Happy Friday friends.

Know I'm cheering you on.  Keep on living the dream.

And if you have to shake a little - well, shake it!  ;)


  1. Glad you were able to shake it off Darcy. Sometimes that's easier said than done. Enjoy your weekend. :-)


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