Farm City Rodeo.

Our friends Terry & Anna invited us to sit with them on Saturday at the Farm City Pro Rodeo in the {FUN} box.  We just love the group of friends we sat with, and had the best time!

The Farm City Pro Rodeo is a great small town rodeo that draws in some big names.  It all adds up to a great performance and there isn't a bad seat in the arena.  But I'm biased and think the box we get to sit in is pretty great.  We're in the front row on the SE corner of the arena so you have a great view of the action and the clown comes to visit you too.  ;)

Tuff Cooper - he won the round

I felt bad for the bulldogger's - the steers were dirty!

These guys are athletes!
Sabrina Ketcham ran the barrels Saturday night - Clint and Sabrina judged livestock together at CSU, so it was fun to cheer her on!

Another great year at Farm City - thanks again Terry & Anna for inviting us!


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