Feedlot vs. Farm City

The first year we were at Double M, I posted about how surprised I was to see the bulls and bucking horses at the feedlot.  I think most people who go to the rodeo don't really think about where the rodeo stock stays when they're not in the performance.  For Farm City and also for the Pendleton Round Up, most of the rodeo stock stays in feedlot pens at Top Cut during the day where they're fed hay and grain, and watered. Then each night they're trucked into the rodeo grounds and after the performance, they're loaded back up on trucks and hauled back out to the feedlot for the night.

I was at the feedlot last weekend doing some paperwork, and stopped to take a few pictures of the stock.  It's funny how they can look like this out in the pens - all calm and collected....

And then look like this just a few hours later....

The stock are athletes as well - just like the cowboys.

That's why it's important that they are fed & cared for well while they're on the road, and the crew at Double M is happy that we can play a small role in that care.


  1. Cool. You're right, we don't think about the life lived by those bulls outside the ring. The Iowa State Fair big bull was actually allergic to his woodchip bedding. The crazy side of livestock.


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