Fun at the fair.

Our local county fair was last week, and while we don't have kids, we like to help with the 4-H and FFA activities if we can.
Clint had been in to help with some events earlier in the week, but since I worked most of last week, Friday was my first chance to go in to the fair. After helping doctor and move pairs at the ranch during the day, Clint and I went in Friday night to help judge Master Showmanship.  We've helped judge it now for a few years, and it's always fun.  I judged the pigs, and Clint judged the beef cattle.  The kids all did well, and it was fun to see them work hard for the trophy. 

Saturday we moved cows in the morning bright and early, and then rushed home to shower before we went in to help with the youth livestock auction.  Umatilla County has an excellent auction committee in place that does a great job putting on the youth sale.  They work all year to encourage buyers to participate, which helps maintain great prices for the kids, they create a fast paced auction (so you're not there all day), provide a delicious pork loin lunch and really coordinate a lot of things that happen behind the scenes.  We were happy to help them on sale day, and Clint took bids while I helped clerk at the block.

I posted these pictures on Facebook, and they're just cell phone pictures, but I thought I'd post them here as well.  There was an excellent turnout for the sale, and such tremendous support from individuals and businesses who came out to buy animals. 

The buyers really supported the kids and prices were great.  I'm not sure what the final average was, but there were some lambs that sold for $13-14/pound and hogs that sold for $8-10/pound.  Steers were pretty consistent at $2.70-3.20/pound and small animals sold well too. 

We pushed right along, but after 6 hours, 392 lots through the ring and 0 bathroom breaks, when the sale was over I was ready to hit the restroom!   Haha. 

And then we hit the beer garden!

But seriously - it was hot and muggy, and a cold beer after the sale hit the spot.
I might have had some curly fries drenched in fake cheese sauce too.

We had a great day at the fair Saturday, and capped it off with a fun night at the rodeo.

I'll post pictures of that tomorrow.  :)


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