How to put the sneak on.

Yesterday morning we helped Terry & Anna haul their beef cows home from summer pasture.  The pairs needed to be gathered out of a big pasture, and we were trying to get them in a small pen of panels.  Since it was a field they rent, there weren't loading or working facilities, so we improvised and tried to make the best of things.  It's easiest if you can gather a group of cows and get them in the pen the first time - without anything going back on you.  Cows are smart, and if they get away once they become really tough to get in at all.  So the goal was to put the sneak on them, and see if we could just work as a team to get the pairs in and loaded on the first try.
So in this post, I bring you "How we put the sneak on."
.....Humor me, lol....

First, you need to locate said pairs.
These ladies were all bunched up in the field next to the small field we needed them to be in.
So Anna and I hollered "C'mmmmmoooonn girls!" a few times to see if they'd come towards the gate.
Gosh dang it, they didn't.
So we called in reinforcements.  ;)
While the reinforcements (Clint in a pickup, Terry & Hannah on horses) were out doing the real work, I killed time by taking pictures of random things around me.

Then once the pairs did start to come, Terry and Hannah pushed the pairs on horses, while Clint shut the gates behind them so they'd be in the small pasture.  Anna and I were on foot alongside the pairs trying to make them stay to the west part of the field and head towards the pen.

RJ was hiding in the barn with Reagan, ready to throw a few flakes of hay at the lead cows once they were close to the pen opening and wouldn't you know it?
They took the bait and all went in the pen the first time!
Sneaky success!

Then it was just a matter of sorting and loading the trailers.  Reagan and I kept ourselves busy in the pickup.....I may or may not have taught her how to properly chew & spit sunflower seeds.    Once the trailers were all loaded, the horses were loaded up and the panels were picked up, we all headed back to Terry & Anna's to turn the pairs out to grass. 
Success all around.
So the next time you need to "put the sneak on" a few pairs of cows, you'll know the crew to call.  ;)


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