I did. And I didn't.

Happy Monday friends!

We had a lovely weekend here.  While I had grand intentions of getting a lot of things crossed off the "to do" list, relaxation and rest and other items took over.

I didn't edit a batch of pictures I'd hoped to.
I didn't clear the extra branches and trees out of our yard.
I didn't go take pictures of the Double M calves like I had wanted to.

I did get a lot of other things done though.....

I did get to move cows with the guys bright and early Saturday morning.
...and I maybe got some of my favorite pictures of the year.....
I did get to visit with my mom for a few hours before she left to tour Hell's Canyon.
I did get to take a nap.
I did get all of my laundry done & the lawn mowed.
We did get to eat BBQ with the Raymond family Saturday night.
I did get all of the little debris raked up from when we cut/pushed down the trees.
I did find time to grocery shop.
I did stop by and drop off my photo entries for our local county fair.

Oh - and I did get a new car.


Well, it's not {new}, but it's new to me.

I've been looking at Camry's for about a month now.  I've been trying to find one with decent miles, leather seats, and an affordable price.  All of my "looking" has been online, but since I was in town running errands on Sunday I dropped by our local Toyota dealership to see if they had any Camrys that had come in, that weren't already posted on their website.

I was in luck - they did.

The car I bought hadn't even been fully detailed yet.  We drove it out of the service bay for a test drive, and it never got a chance to be fully detailed - the guys at the dealership were all worried about that, but I told them with our lifestyle, that this was probably the cleanest the car would be for awhile.  The big things had been done - like the carpets had been shampooed, the oil had been changed and the engine had been pressure washed.  Those things matter - the little coffee stain on the cupholder I could wipe off by myself.  And the leather looked brand new, and didn't need any major attention, so all was good.

It's a Hybrid - which I hadn't even been looking at, because you can hardly find them used and with low miles so I feel really lucky to find it.  The Camry Hybrid's get 35-40 mpg (regular Camry's get 25-30) and since it had everything else I wanted (leather seats, low miles) I bought it.  Yes, it's blue - not my first choice, but I think it will be fine. 

And the buying process was super easy - I'd had a great experience with Sherrell Chevrolet when I bought my pickup last fall, and Rogers Toyota proved to be just as good to work with.  It's totally worth it to buy your vehicle in a small town, and support local business.

The Chevy stayed at the dealership - they made me an offer I couldn't say no to.   But don't worry - I transferred the OSU Beaver plates to my new car - woot!  As I type this, it's still a little bittersweet - the Chevy had been a great pickup, and still had low miles but after this past breeding season we realized that it just wasn't big enough for what I needed it to do.  So now I'll have a little commuter car and we'll start looking for another diesel pickup for me (Clint still has his personal pickup).  The good thing is I don't need a pickup until the spring calving season, so there's lots of time.   

So that was our weekend in a nutshell.  I hope to post more pictures of the guys moving cows later on this week, and the Umatilla County Fair starts tomorrow so we'll be spending some time in town there.

What do you have planned for this week?

Feel free to share your plans in the comments.  :)


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