Our {vacations}.

....While I work on editing other pictures, I thought I'd post more from our last trip to the mountains of Eastern Oregon....

I usually pack the cooler with sliced cheese and this time, individual cups of guacamole purchased at the store the night before got thrown in too.  Boxes of crackers and granola bars awaited in a bag up front. Into the icy water went bottles of water, Gatorades, soda and beer.  Reinforcements awaited replenishment in the bed of the pickup.

"We're on vacation" - is what we always say, so of course there will be ice cold beer.

A tent, sleeping bags and enough blankets for the anticipated cold got thrown in alongside cots, food and water for the dogs and a change of clothes.  The guys loaded a wheeler, the horses and tack and soon we were on our way.

I drove.  It is almost always this way, to give men who've worked hard all week a few hours to rest.  Shifting gears, we headed up and down hills.  I tried to be mindful of the horses in the back....didn't want to put the horses on their toes....but sometimes I'd get a gentle reminder.  There was time for conversation, plans, talk of markets and such.  Cat naps created silent opportunities to drive and soak it all in.   

This travel and checking of cows we do on the weekends - we consider a vacation.  It's a chance to remove ourselves from the busy-ness of everyday life, and jobs waiting at home.  Yes, we're working - but it's a different kind of work. 

Evenings are usually spent doing something fun - looking at grass, eating meals at our favorite spots, or relaxing in a camp chair with one of those ice cold beers I mentioned earlier.  Mornings we awake slow.  The rising sun urges us out of our covers, and I always reach for an ice cold Diet Pepsi instead, to help me welcome the day. 

Work begins, but the work is on our own time frame and our own schedule.  Well, kind of.  Cattle have a way of throwing your so planned {schedule} straight out the window.  But the work gets done, and more miles get driven. 

We may arrive home at a different hour than planned, but so far we've always made it home.


In this life - we are blessed.

Blessed with opportunities and friendships and life circumstances that favor us. 

{And vacations.}

I hope you may be able to say the same, for yourself.


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