Take root.

We drove home from Wallowa last night, and as we broke over the top of Meacham, I could see the storm brewing to the west.
I've always wanted to stop at the lookout point at the top of Deadman Pass off of I-84, but never have.  Isn't that how some things are - the vistas and viewpoints that you live closest to, you never experience? 
But last night I stopped.  I pulled the pickup and trailer over into the right lane, exited and parked.  We were only sidelined for a few minutes, and I knew exactly what I wanted to capture.  After a few clicks with the camera, I was back in the pickup and we were headed for home.
Life is full of seasons.
Seasons of success.
Seasons of tiredness.
Seasons that are carefree and full of laughter.
Seasons of hard work.
Seasons of storms.
But even in a season of storms, there is hope.
See that light to the west? 
After the storm, the light shines.

It's hard to see the light when the storm is upon you.  From the outside looking in, you can see the light coming.  But when you're in the middle of a stormy season, you can't see the light and it can be hard to believe that there will be an end to the darkness.
Dolly may have said it best:
"Storms make trees take deeper roots."
Are you in a stormy season?
Dig deeper.  Take root.  Hold on.

The light is coming.
You are loved, and admired and worthy.
You are a strong tree that will weather this storm.


  1. We are all glad you took the time to stop and capture this cool photo! we were in awe around every turn when we were there!

  2. Very nice. Great job & pictures Robyn!


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