The end of an era.

I was never really a {dog person}.

Until I met Austin.

Austin came to Clint in 2003.  The runt of her litter, she was free to his friend Ryan who'd purchased another pup from the litter.  Ryan gifted her to Clint, she was named Austin and the rest has been history. 

Austin was a fixture with Clint while he was at OSU.  She went to the ranch with him, went on judging trips with him and was watched by friends when had to be gone by plane.  It wouldn't be uncommon for Clint to run into Withycombe to run something to his office, and Austin would be hanging outside the door with a student who was lovingly petting her.

Austin loved to work cows. She loved to play fetch and we have Paul to thank for teaching her.  She spent a lot of time at the swine unit being watched by Kerri, or Lacey or Keely while Clint was gone on trips.  When the girls would go to feed the pigs, Austin would be right there checking out the sows, or mousing around the barn.  She loved to chase after water bottles, and hear the crunch of the plastic in her mouth.  She loved to ride in the front of the pickup, but not on the seat - she preferred the floorboard of the front passenger seat. If a car was around and the door was open, you'd usually end up finding Austin curled up on the floorboard waiting to see where you were going to take her next.  She traveled lots and lots of miles on the floor of a 12 passenger van with judging teams, and who knows how many hotel rooms she's stayed in. 


When she was younger, she could have all the energy needed to work cows and then be perfectly content to lay next to you in the office or in a vehicle.  While border collie's are typically high strung, Austin has always been mellow when asked, and intense on her job when needed.  She rarely barked, unless you needed to be warned of something and while it sounds funny, but she had the best manners.  She never begged, and if you gave her something to eat you would have to turn away from her before she would eat it.  

But like all dogs do, Austin began to grow old on us and slowly, she would spend more days at home curled up on her dogbed versus out helping Clint.  She lost most of her hearing this past winter, and her eyesight was beginning to fail.  But even still - she knew when Clint was home, and wanted to be right by his side.

Yesterday we lost our sweet dog.

When I found out at Bunco last night, I didn't really process it, but when I got home I was a big mess of tears.  This morning it hit hard too, and I sobbed as I posted a picture of her to Facebook to let our friends know before I left for work.  Your comments and texts since then have been so kind, and appreciated by us.  We've known that this day would be coming, but when it actually does come, the weight of the loss still hits like a freight train.  

She was just such a good dog, and so obedient and loving. 

She was special.
She was loved.
And she will be missed.

While I know that other great dogs will come into our lives, there will never be another one just like her.   

Rest easy, Powers.



  1. Darcy & Clint...what a gift! And, you captured my heart through your words written about her and the amazing photos! May her spirit always shine in your hearts...and I know you gave her the best of you! Praying for you...Sweet blessings!


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