The people behind the brand.

They say you should work to live, not live to work.
But when you live on a ranch, living your work comes with the package.  Cows don't follow an 8-5 schedule, and neither do ranchers.  It's a lot of long days, cold nights, hard work, and a schedule that can change on a dime.
So why do people do it?
Some might say the lifestyle makes it worthwhile.
 I'd agree to that.
Some might say it's the freedom and ability to work outside that makes it worthwhile. 
 I'd agree to that too.
But if you asked me why I like this lifestyle so much -
I'd say it's because of the people.
There are super people involved in the cattle industry, but it's the people you work with and live with each day at the ranch you're on that can really help drive your motivation. 
We get to live around and work with such great people here at Double M.  Mike and Patsy are just great people to work for, and they really make you feel like you're a part of the brand.  Their son Jack and Clint work well together, and each have different strengths which they let each other play off of.  And the rest of the support crew in place on the cow side right now - Ty, Jesse and Duane and Deana - click well and work together to get the job done.
So today I thought I'd highlight the people behind the Double M brand - the UR on the right hip - because they're pretty fabulous!
All pictures below were taken last Friday while we were pregging and preconditioning calves.

These two have the best mother-son relationship....

This picture is out of focus, but it's such a great representation of Patsy that I included it.  She's always smiling, multi-tasking, on the phone and keeping track of data - all things she does well!

And we can't forget the dogs....
They're a part of the family here too! :)


  1. It's amazing what a great crew can accomplish. Glad preg checking and preconditioning went well!


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