5 on Friday - Round Up Edition

Since this is the week of Let 'Er Buck here in Pendleton I thought I'd share 5 of my favorite things about the Pendleton Round Up this week.

1.  There's nothing else quite like it.

From the performances, to the parades, to the comraderie, to the Let 'Er Buck Room, to the food on the concourse, to the princesses and queen on the court and to the horses and cowboys....there's nothing quite like the Pendleton Round Up (PRU).

Westward Ho! Parade

2. The volunteers.

My favorite story about the PRU is this one;

In 1931, Round-Up President Henry Collins spoke for the Directors in refusing an invitation to take the Round-Up to Washington, D.C. The thought prevails yet:

 “It would be necessary to take the whole city of Pendleton, people and all… For the Round-Up is not just a Wild West show. It is the product of… community spirit.”

They say that over 20,000 hours per year are put in by PRU volunteers, from the Directors to the gate-keepers.  Last year was my first year to volunteer in the Let 'Er Buck Room (LBR) and it was so fun.  This year I volunteered again on Wednesday and Thursday.  I work in the chip booth, and it's a fun group of ladies.  Photos aren't allowed in the LBR....but I was living dangerously and took this one to show you my view.

This was early in the morning when the doors first opened...later on the LBR gets a little wild and crazy...which is when we're thankful for the bars.  :) 

On Thursday, my sister came to see me and took this one....

3. The Performances

A performance at the PRU starts off with the exciting grand entry and the court jumping the rails....and the excitement stays around through each of the events.  The board of directors really work hard all year to make four days during the 2nd week of September as memorable and impactful as possible.

  Because of work and other things, I didn't get to sit through an entire performance this year but I did go and watch Clint and RJ cow milk.  Cow milking is the last event of the performance, so I got to see the steer tripping and barrel racing that happened right before it.  These pictures are from Wednesday....

Steer Tripping

Barrel Racing

Heather & Blair gathering the cows after Wild Cow Milking

4. The People You See at PRU.

You never know just who you'll run into.


5. The Experience.

It's a great one and one we look forward to each year!

While this year's Round Up was short for me (I'm headed to Minnesota this afternoon for my cousin's wedding) it was a fun one.  If you're ever in town during the 2nd week of September, we'd love to show you how to Let 'Er Buck!

Happy Friday friends!

Keep living the dream!

And feel free to share your favorite thing about the Pendleton Round Up in the comments if you'd like!


  1. Safe travels and have a good trip to MN.
    Sounds like PRU is an exciting event. It's awesome to hear about communities coming together to pull off a successful event.


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