Labor Day Fun.

We had a great Labor Day weekend!
Clint was in Idaho judging a county fair for the first part of the weekend, so Friday and Saturday I laid pretty low.  It was blissful! And kind of lazy - but I figured we labor enough the rest of the year, and that's what Labor Day is all about - taking a break, right?!?   I got a great nap after work (we got to leave work early Friday afternoon - woo hoo!) and caught up on all of the shows I'd DVR'ed last month. 
I love to watch DVR'ed shows - you can zip right thru the waiting!  Honestly, sometimes it's hard for me to watch live TV because I have to wait thru the commercials. I watched all of my recorded episodes of The Pioneer Woman, So You Think You Can Dance, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and Mountain Men.  Fun!
Each evening I headed out to check on the Charolais cows.  Clint had brought the pairs into a small field because he wanted to get the calves broke to the creep feeder in anticipation of weaning, so I had to feed a few bales of hay to the cows to keep everyone happy.  Since I was on my own timeframe, I had a little #felfie session with the girls!
They were super interested.  Ha!  I think it was because they thought I was coming to feed them. And they would be right....but I capitalized on the situation and got a fun picture out of it!
About 11:00 am on Saturday, my cousin Alicia called me.  I knew she and her boyfriend Adam were flying west from their home in Iowa, for their annual week long vacation (they go somewhere different every year) and were headed to Banff, Canada but turns out they had flown into Boise and their route took them right by our house!  So they stopped in Saturday afternoon and I gave them a tour of the ranch.  They even got a fresh Hermiston watermelon (straight from the field!) and we hit up Neighbor Dudes to try a few local beers, before they headed out towards Coeur D'Alene where they had hotel reservations for the night. 
It was so fun to see them!
It POURED down rain for a while Saturday afternoon, which was awesome for the crops and grass....but not so awesome for our hair.  I look like a drowned rat in this pic of us at Neighbor Dudes, but I don't care, and am posting it anyway.  :)  Adam & Alicia are craft beer connoisseur's so it was neat to go to a place where they had 32 craft beer and ciders on tap.  For $5 we each got five, 2 oz samples.  Fun!

Sunday we went out on the river with the Francis and Estes families and had a BLAST! 
I'll post more pictures later this week, but we really had a great time.

The rest of the weekend was spent checking cows, mowing the lawn, and planting new planters in front of the sale barn.  I also had a chance to wrap up my thoughts and edit the pictures for this post.  Along with a few naps and lazy dinners we really had a great weekend!
How about you -
Did you get a chance to relax over Labor Day?  Do anything fun?


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