Let the AI'ing begin...

It's hard to believe it, but the 2014 Fall AI Season has begun.
Last night we bred the first part of a set of Thomas Angus heifers - I thought it was pretty appropriate that we began the Fall AI season on the official first day of Fall. 
We had set up the AI barn Sunday evening, so last night it was just a matter of heading out and sorting off the heifers that were in standing heat so we could breed them.  Once those heifers were sorted, we ran the remainder of the heifers in and gave them a shot of GnRH.  We'll head back later today to breed them. 

We sorted and gave shots in the daylight, so by the time we were breeding it was dark out.  But that didn't stop me from snapping a few pictures with my cell phone in the barn.  I thawed semen, Jesse brought the cattle, and RJ, Clint & Morgan took turns breeding.  It didn't take long and we were done with the flight of heifers and headed home.


Morgan breeding a heifer.

RJ & Clint breeding heifers.

Even though it's grainy, this may be my favorite picture of Clint & Morgan ever - it totally represents their rapport in the barn. 
While they're breeding, they usually have planning conversations or talk genetics, or something like that.  In this picture, all I can think is that Clint is trying to explain something to Morgan, and Morgan is all like "What?!?"
And the funny thing is when I showed them this picture, Morgan said the same thing. Lol. :)
RJ & Clint breeding heifers.
Here's to a successful start to the AI season!  We hope with hard work, a detailed work crew and proper planning, we can reward our customers with high conception.
Success is Reason Enough!


  1. Hope all goes efficiently and safely! P.S. did you cut your hair?

    1. Nope, it was just super muggy that night so it looks a bit short. I was ROCKIN' the curl in the humidity ;)

  2. Thanks for all your precious comments on my blog!!! My husband loves reading about your AI'ing cattle! Excited to follow along on your blogging adventures!!!


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