Roping at the Raymond's.

Rumor has it, Clint used to team rope quite a bit right after college.  :)
So when Ryan asked him to come out and rope last Saturday, I think he was pretty excited to go.   Clint doesn't have a specific {rope} horse right now, (just working ranch horses) but saw it as a chance to let his mare Stormy get some experience in an arena, and to let his stud Twist get out and work a bit.

 I saw it as a chance to sit on the fenceline and capture some fun pictures....

And the guys didn't disappoint.

For the record - I am totally green as to how this whole roping process works, but after watching for a bit, I think I kind of had it figured out.  Ryan has a really well designed arena and it functions so well and so that made it easy to catch on.

 First, the guys warmed up their horses and put wraps on the steers.  This is to protect their horns when the header ropes them.  Then all of the steers were ran into the alleyway leading up to the box.  One at a time, a steer was let out and a pair of guys (a header, and a heeler) roped the steer.  Whether the steer was roped or missed, once the run was over, the steers are all trained to head towards the end of the arena where Ryan has an "out chute" where the steer stands, any remaining ropes are removed, and then a gate is opened and the steer walks into a pen with the other steers that had been roped. 
I was amazed at how well trained the steers were to go to the out chute....but turns out, most all roping steers do this, and I am just easily amused, lol.  :)
Once all of the steers had been roped, the guys brought the whole pen back to the other end and loaded the steers back into the alleyway to be roped again.  This process continued until we lost daylight and so that signaled the end of roping....but there was still enough light from the pickup headlights to visit for awhile.  :) 

It was a great way to spend a Saturday evening - thanks again Ryan & Amy!


  1. Great photography of a fun time!! Good job, Darcy!

  2. Great photos! Yeah I've only ever been able to rope a tree or a bush :). It is impressive that they can rope moving objects!


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