Thankful for the unexpected.

My hands and forearms are sticky from milk replacer that dribbled from baby calves mouths as I walked into the house tonight.  Two separate twins that were brought to the barn, were fed and loved on tonight as I wrapped up my day.

It's been a day when a lot could have gone wrong.

I'd fed one calf the first bottle of three out in the calving barn.  Both twins had followed me back into the office as I worked on mixing their second bottle.  Just as I was capping the bottle off with a nipple, a calf that.just.could.not.wait.any.longer! bumps me from behind, and I spill half of an unmixed bottle across the counter.

Chunks of unmixed but wet milk replacer spread - under the microwave, across the counter and down the side.  There's no use crying over spilt milk, so I grab an empty Home Depot bucket that's laying idle and begin to sponge milk across the counter and into it.  The calves - still hungry - keep bumping and letting out meek bawls reminding me that my cleaning efforts can wait until after they've been fed.

I cap off the remaining half a bottle and feed the second calf who hasn't nursed yet, while my thumb keeps the first calf busy.  She figures out that this is all a trick, and keeps bumping into my legs reminding me that she still would like to be fed more.  The second weaker calf finishes her half, and I go to mix a third for them to split so that I can fill their little tummies before leaving them tucked in the warm barn for the night.
Like I said; it was a day when a lot could have gone wrong.
And yet it all went so, so well.
An afternoon of vacation taken off from work to breed heifers that should have been in the evening before. 
A driver's license that needed replaced and a DMV who got me in and out in under 5 minutes, when I thought it'd take a separate trip.
A drive thru Starbucks to order a Peach Green Tea Lemonade, only to have my order messed up (Passion Tea Lemonade) which equaled a free drink for me that was just as tasty as the other kind I'd ordered.
Previous plans for prayer among women canceled as God called me to be fully present as a rancher's wife tonight.
Heifers that rolled through the AI barn, and a crew that clicked right along.
Quick tacos, conversation with friends that are like family, and a flat tire changed for a spare.
A separation of duties as Clint tackled checking the fall calving cows, while I looked after the twin bummer calves.
A text with a friend to know that all was all right, and that God is working through a great group of people in this community.

A calf that had troubles swallowing a whole bottle this morning took her time, but managed to breath and nurse well on her own. 

A load thrown in the laundry, new sheets placed on a bed, and a face washed as I readied to turn in for the day.
But not before I typed out these words...I feel like my tense is off in this post, but just sitting down and being consciously thankful for this day has brought me ease and helped me close out this day.
Prayers get answered every day.
Sometimes we just don't realize that they're the ones that needed answering in the first place.
I'm setting this to auto-post tomorrow morning....but as I sit at the laptop late tonight, in a dark kitchen as the washing machine hums away at laundry below me, I know that I am loved and that my life is good.
This life may not be filled with days that turn out exactly as I've planned - but they're according to His plan, and that's the only one that matters.


  1. Gratitude is a great attitude! Hope your day is fabulous, Darcy!


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