Weekend wrap-up.

Happy Monday!
Did you have a great weekend?  Still wish it was the weekend?  ;)
We got a lot done, had a lot of fun, and spent some time with great friends.  I took a ton of pictures, and with this being Round Up week - Let 'Er Buck!!! - life is going to be hectic and I don't know how often I'll be able to post.   So I thought I'd post a few random pictures - and hopefully I'll get around to posting more pictures of roping and branding later this week!
But first - Friday.  I spent some time in the a.m. with these guys;

I just love our Charolais calves this year....they are so friendly, and I could have posted 20 pictures of Lolita because she and another bull calf could not stay away.  They were curious little buggers!
 After I was done taking pictures of the Charolais pairs, I headed back to the house to work on auction stuff. Friday afternoon we went into PGG to pick up some fixtures we had bought for the sale barn.  Nothing super picture worthy, but it was a decent amount of work and it was nice to come home Friday, eat dinner and hit the sack.
Saturday afternoon Ryan & Amy invited us out to their place to rope.  Clint had a great time, and I enjoyed visiting with Amy and Shannon while we watched the kids. 

Sunday we branded with the Francis family.  The crew branded and cut their Corriente bull calves, and everyone who wanted a chance to rope got one.  I'll post more pictures, but these are just some of my favorites.

Busy, busy - but I think this weekend was just a pre-cursor to this week....Round Up week is always crazy, Clint & RJ are entered in the Wild Cow Milking this week, I have a conference Tuesday and then I'm headed to Minnesota for a wedding Friday. 
With as much going on, there's only one way to welcome the week.....
Let 'Er Buck!


  1. Sweet photos! Great one of the red calf and Clint right behind.

  2. Looks like a busy weekend! But looks like a lot of fun. Weeks like it sounds like you're about to experience make the week go by faster... :)



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