Wild Cow Milking.

It's that time of year here - Pendleton Round Up!
This year Clint & RJ entered in the Wild Cow Milking contest.  They were up today and yesterday, and it was fun to see them out on the grass arena.
The event starts with all of the contestants out in the arena.
On the other end of the arena, the cows are let out of a gate and held by a group of riders until the starting shot gun goes off.

Once the gun goes off, pandemonium ensues as everyone tries to rope a cow...hahaha. 

Each team is made up of two guys; one on a horse, and one on foot.  The guy on the horse has to find a cow, rope it and then the guy on foot runs over and mugs it.  The guy on the horse gets off, runs to the cow and milks her into a pop bottle.  Once you have a squirt of milk in your pop bottle, you run over to the judges circle and your time is counted.
While Clint and RJ didn't get a time, it was a lot of fun to watch & cheer them on.
Let 'Er Buck!


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