Crystal & Ashley hosted the fourth Beauty Swap this month, and my partner in makeup crime this time was Laura!  

I do not consider myself a high maintenance type of gal....but I also know that it's important to present yourself well.  While I have a pretty steady "beauty routine", it's also fun to try new things.  So when the opportunity presented itself to swap some fun beauty products, and meet a new friend -  I was game!
 So how exactly does a beauty swap work?  First, ladies who are interested in participating sign up and get paired with another beauty loving blogger (or someone that enjoys Twitter or Instagram).  Then we had a little bit of time to get to know our new social media friend, and then we sent each other a gift of beauty products.

I was paired up with Laura who blogs over at The Gate Girl, and is a hard working ranch wife who also works in town.  You could say we have a little bit in common.  :) 
We decided that it might be fun to swap some of our favorite things.  You can read about what I sent Laura here - and I thought I'd show you what she sent me on the blog today.
First off - I have to say, I feel a bit bad because I haven't had a chance to try out everything she sent me before I posted this.  Work and prepping for the upcoming BoBo sale just haven't left a lot of "fun" time. 

However I did try the hand cream because I can't resist a good cream and this one is nice!

Plus, this former dairy princess can't resist a hand cream that uses Holstein spots for advertising!  :)

I'm also super excited to try the Cover Girl Clump Crusher mascara Laura sent me.  I use Cover Girl's mascara that comes in a purple tube so I bet this will be totally up my alley!
My current tube of mascara is almost gone so I'll get to try this soon!
Laura also sent a fun nail polish, a tinted gloss, gold eye shadow, polish remover, nail art and a cute leopard print scarf in brown tones.  I can't wait to try out all of these items!
The polish remover isn't pictured....I packed it in my bag when I traveled to Redmond and it is the perfect thing for traveling!  Pre-moistened pads of polish remover in a tightly sealed container - they worked like a charm!

Thanks again to Laura for sending me such a nice selection of beauty items! Be sure to check her blog out at The Gate Girl.  
 She has a knack for writing and I can tell that she is a true ag-vocate!
And you can read about all of the other beauty swaps here


  1. I LOVE Udderly Smooth products. I used this cream and had kinda forgotten about it. I'm going to have to find some of this to add to my winter beauty arsenal!

  2. As a dairy farmer I love the Udderly Smooth hand cream! I am totally guilty of putting it on my hands when I am out in the barn and have nothing else :) It looks like you got a fabulous Beauty Swap box!

  3. That eyeshadow looks so fun!

  4. Cute scarf! Hope the sale goes great. Looks like you have everything to put your best foot forward now.


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