Friday at the ranch.

One of the best perks of my job is that I get every other Friday off. 
(We work 9 hour days at my office to get that perk.)
Today was my day off, and it has been a great day.  I went grocery shopping bright and early, hit the treadmill at the gym for a bit and then brought breakfast to Clint and muffins to the rest of the crew at the ranch.  I like to do that so that the guys know they're appreciated, but also because it lets me get to see parts of the ranch I don't normally frequent.

And this is my favorite time of year to take pictures at the feedlot.  The cattle are curious at the bunk, the light is gorgeous in the early morning, and it's not hot yet.

After making sure everyone got treats, I spent the rest of the morning at the house on the computer.  The Hermiston FFA Alumni Auction is coming up Nov. 8 and I had a lot of contacts I needed to make for it. 

After lunch, Deana & Justine helped Clint & Jesse ride through pens and pastures, so Teagan and I went to town to run errands.  She was a hoot - and a good sport so she got to play in the playland at McD's and then after that we were headed back to the ranch.

 Just in time to give Mr. Twist a petting.  :)

And look who we saw while we were in town - the Oregon FFA State Officers.

Can't blame them for needing a caffeine fix on a Friday afternoon - they do a lot of work, and hopefully they'll have a relaxing weekend off.

The rest of the afternoon was spent at the ranch, doing chores, checking fall calving cows and helping the guys wrap up doctoring cattle. 

Oh - and the last thing before I wrap this post up and sit down to relax & enjoy a quiet evening with Clint....

Our (only) Charolais fall calving cow had her calf!  Clint was driving through the cows checking when I took this, and I didn't want to disturb anything so I just zoomed in a bunch and took this picture from the road.  The picture is a little bit blurry - but it's a healthy calf and we're thankful for that! 

Maybe the calf will get it's own post next week.  :)


Hope you all had a great week, and enjoy your weekend!

Keep living the dream!


  1. Sounds like you had a fun day off Darcy! Good food and good company too. Hope the rest of your weekend is as great as today.

    Yesterday afternoon and most of today I was at the South Dakota Women in Ag Conference. Another excellent conference and experience.


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