Moving day!

So it's a big day here at the office - we are moving today!

Actually....the more accurate statement is that we're moving this WEEK.  Because it will take that long to get us moved.

We spent all of last week boxing up files, purging junk, and taking home our personal stuff.  We didn't count the boxes - but we used a lot of them!  The pictures below show our main office, but we also had storage rooms, conference rooms and a break room to box up.


The movers come today to begin hauling all of our boxes up to the new office, and disassembling our work stations and reassembling them in the new space.  It'll probably take them the majority of the week to get our new space set up. 

Half of our office (including myself) is headed to a training in Redmond, so we'll be out of the office but the rest of the staff will come back after the movers have workstations up to begin unpacking their things.

Once we get moved in, I'll post pictures of the new digs.

Have a great week! If the blog is a bit quiet, it's because I'm traveling but I'll be back soon.



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