Sale barn update.

Exciting things are happening at the Double M Sale Facility!
There's a lot going on - and exciting things happening!

And all of the girls who have ever attended a bull sale said: AMEN!
We're adding a bathroom & utility room to the sale barn.  (Bathroom will be on the left, utility room on the right.)  The set up will be pretty simple, but we'll have a toilet & sink in one room, and a shower, wash basin, ice machine & shelving in another room.  The rooms are being built with bracing so we can add a crow's nest on top of them for the video & conference call crews during a sale.  A staircase will be added, and then we can use that space above for people to sit and/or store things.

I am SUPER excited about these being built!
2. The BoBo Female Dispersal & Yearling Bull Sale

The Bovard Family is hosting a dispersal sale on Oct. 29, 2014 at the sale barn and we are trying to have everything ready for their sale!  If you're looking for yearling bulls, yearling replacement heifers or cows with fall calves at side - this is a sale you'll want to be at! 
I took pictures of the yearling heifers & bulls at the feedlot this weekend and they're a nice set of cattle.  For more information, contact Willie Bovard at (509) 989-2492.
3. A New Sale Ring Foundation
For the first sale in the barn, we used concrete econo blocks to stabilize/anchor the sale ring.  They were about 2 feet wide, and took up valuable space - but they were portable and non-permanent which was important to us because we wanted to make sure the set up worked.  Now that we know we like the set-up, Double M is pouring a concrete foundation for the sale ring to set on.  It'll be much narrower, and free up extra room for people to walk in between the sale ring & bleachers.  And they're even going to color the concrete to match the wall color of the barn - pretty fancy!

Right now, everything is torn out so the contractor can come in and pour the concrete.  It's looks kind of like a mess right now, but you can see in the top left of the picture above that the sale ring was just moved out of the way.  Once the concrete is poured, we'll just move it back on top.  I'm excited to see how it will all look!
4. Flower Beds

I planted these beds earlier in September and used simple grain troughs.  I think they turned out pretty nice - and they add a nice touch to the front of the building.
5. Refrigerator Space.

Do you want to know how handy it is having an extra refrigerator in the sale barn?
{{{{{{..............................THIS MUCH!!!.................................}}}}}}}}

So that's a quick update on the sale barn - lots of exciting things going on, but still a lot of work to do.  The ranch is also having a pipe exit alleyway behind the barn built that ties into the existing alleyway and that should be done soon.

We're looking forward to hosting the BoBo sale at the end of this month, and showing off the new improvements!


  1. Fantastic! What great progress. Agreed, the restroom is a nice touch!


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