The equine ladies.

Clint keeps three mares right now, one that he rides (Stormy) and two that he doesn't (Peg & Butterscotch).  While the two pictured in this post aren't ridden they definitely have personalities and get their fair share of attention.
Peg, the roan mare, is seven (I think) and was bought when we were in Nebraska at the Black sale.  She's the mother of Clint's two year old gelding Pistol.  She's partially saddle broke but when Clint needs a horse it's usually to accomplish a job so he chooses to ride Twist or Stormy.  Peg is definitely the more dominant of the two mares and the 'queen bee'.
Butterscotch, the buckskin mare, is four and a full sister to Clint's stud horse Twist and was purchased at the Pieper sale in Nebraska the year after Clint bought Twist there.  Clint liked Twist so much, that when Butterscotch showed up in the catalog that was mailed to us the next year, he bought her sight unseen.  It was almost a year later until she was shipped to the ranch, but she has turned out to be just as gentle as her brother and has a super sweet disposition.  Clint was going to start her this year, but she was a bit sore at the beginning of the summer (we think she may have gotten kicked by Peg) so Clint chose to let her rest and give her some extra time to make sure she's 100% sound before he starts her under a saddle. 

So for now, these two ladies hang out by the calving barn and we get to visit them every morning and night as we bring them hay.  We're glad they're part of the remuda, and I was glad to get to capture a few shots of them this past weekend at sunset.


  1. Pretty, pretty ladies!! I've had a soft spot of roans since I had a great gelding when I was growing up. The pictures in the sunset are beautiful!


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