The full moon.

I heard at work yesterday morning that something cool happened with the moon the other night.
I haven't really studied how the moon affects livestock, but after this week I'd probably be willing to jump on the bandwagon of "a full moon makes cows do funny things".
And you probably won't find me in the camp of "We want to wake up at an unheard of hour to watch the lunar eclipse of the blood harvest moon that won't ever happen again in our lifetime."

Or something like that.  ;)
If I sound's because I'm tired.  Without complaining, life is just flat out busy right now.  Performance reviews at work, a COC meeting today and two producer meetings have left me flat out drained at the end of the day.  Then there's FFA alumni stuff, normal housework and then there's that dang moon & it's antics in the cows.
A set of twins, a cow that retained her placenta, a calf that was dehydrated & listless.
Electrolytes that were on the other side of the freeway, pairs that needed to be loaded in a field without loading facilities and guys who were searching for a break.  A calf who ONLY wanted to nurse on one side of the stifled cow and another calf who needed to be tubed.


So here's the positive side -
The calf was tubed.  Not ideal, but sometimes that's the way to hydrate a calf.
The extra twin calf nursed the dehydrated calf's mother - and the cow didn't kick.
Chores got done.  Hay was fed.  Water buckets were filled.
Dinner was late, but it was eaten.  I was thankful for the frozen pizzas in the freezer.
Rest was found.
This life is a good one, but there are times when I just am ready for a day to be done.
And sometimes that rest is found under the light of a full moon.


  1. Hang in there,Darcy! I love how you always find the good in life. When things get hectic I try to take a deep breath and start counting my abundance of blessings. Seems to turn my mind to the positive.

    I don't want to wish my life away, but you are right saying there are days we just want to be done with. Yea for rest and a new start in the morning.

  2. Hah! We had a lunar eclipse this week too (a "blood moon" I was so busy looking at during my (5:30 a.m.) run, this is what I posted on Twitter:

    Eek!!! Pre-dawn run saved when cell phone light kept me just one footfall from stepping on a SKUNK!! #runiowa #runsafe #amsurprise


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