To Baker and Back.

We started off today bright & early here at the ranch.
Watching the sunrise come up over the meadows is one of the best ways to start a day.
My plans for errands in town, and deliveries to Boardman got scrapped for a trip to Baker City.
Mike, Patsy and Clint were at the Thomas Angus sale yesterday, and Double M bought 26 pairs of registered Angus females and their calves so we headed over today to pick them up.
My backseat co-pilot was super excited to travel today, lol.
He did get a nice nap in though. :)

It took three trailers to haul the pairs home....Duane & Clint hauled the cows and I hauled two cows and all of the baby calves.  We were behind a semi in the load out line, so we had a bit of time to go through and look at the pairs while they loaded the truck.  I left my camera in the pickup though, so no pictures.
The cows are all LGW cows that Thomas's had purchased, and they were cows we had AI'ed last year so it was neat to see the calves.   I texted Sheri on the way home and told her that it was neat to be bringing a small piece of the LGW legacy home to Double M.

The calves all looked good - and the two cows I hauled cracked me up!  They never unloaded once they were on the trailer, but they were right there at the edge checking out what we were doing to thier baby calves!
We were just trying to load the calves....but as anyone who's loaded month old calves would know - they're not the easiest little buggers to load!  There's a lot of SHUSH SHUSH SHUSHING - and C'MON BABIES, LOAD ON THE BUS! - and HAH HAH HAH! going on as you try to convince them that getting on the trailer is a good idea. :)


It was a beautiful fall day in Baker - but I was glad to be back home this afternoon and get the trailers unloaded.
Hopefully the new cows enjoy their home back here on the Echo & Stanfield Meadows and their calves grow well.   I don't know about the rest of the crew, but I'm excited to have a set of registered Angus cows here at the ranch....even if it's just a few. 
Now to learn the registration software!  But that'll be saved for another day.
Hope you all have a great weekend wherever you are!
Keep on living the dream!


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