Weekend Recap - Sale Barn Edition

You know when your eyes are bigger than your stomach?
I kind of feel that way right now with my brain and my schedule.
There is a lot going on right now - sale prep is in full force for the BoBo sale this Wednesday, it's my month to host Bunco the night afterwards, our office is still not 100% moved to our new building and I have a lot of auction preparations for the Hermiston FFA Alumni sale on Nov. 8.
And while I know that I work best under pressure....I might have taken on more than I can chew.
But I'm not a quitter (and it has to get done) so I'll just need to power through these next two weeks.
With that said, I thought I'd show you what we were all up to this weekend.
- Sale Barn Prep -
The BoBo Sale is this Wednesday, Oct. 29 and the guys were hard at work this weekend getting the sale barn prepped.  Clint put up panels to make temporary pens behind the sale barn and in our driveway this weekend while Jack worked on the water lines.  The ranch put a bathroom & utility room in the sale barn (plumbing & electrical on those will hopefully be finished Monday) but we had to run water lines to the barn and around it.  Jack is excellent on equipment, and spent the majority of last week and this weekend digging trenches, laying pipe and getting everything ok'ed by the inspector.
Clint will keep building pens tomorrow too - we were waiting on a shipment of panels and gates that came in late last week.  Once he's all done there'll be 35 pens (some permanent alley pens, others built with panels and gates) around the sale barn and our house that will be able to hold the 100 pairs of cows/calves and the 40+ yearling bulls and 30+ yearling heifers that will go through the sale.  I wish there was a way I could get a good picture of the set up, but unless I rent a helicopter, these will have to do.  :)

The inside of the sale barn is coming right along too!
I spent Saturday painting the crow's nest and stairs and hopefully by the end of tomorrow we'll be able to finish filling in the sale ring - the guys are trying to let the newly poured concrete dry as much as possible.

Once those things are done, we can hang signage, put back up the TV's, get the internet cords run and bring in the bleachers.  Then it'll really be ready for sale day!
I'm looking forward to Wednesday - we hope it'll be a great sale for the Bovard family, and we're looking forward to showing off the new improvements to the sale barn.
Have a great week!


  1. WOW! Serious progress. Everything looks like it will be ready to go because you clearly have a plan. Make a plan. work the plan. All goes well!


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