Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Columbus Day!
Also known in our office as "the mother's holiday", because we're off of work but school is still in session.  But since we don't have kids, I prefer to think of it as "Darcy has a lot of things to do for the FFA auction at Hermiston HS in November and is super thankful that the school IS open" kind of a holiday.
Can you tell I'm on my fourth Diet Pepsi of the day?
Oh you can?  Well, super.....let's just keep that our little secret, ok?
So this weekend - well, it was a weekend!
I ran up to Milton Freewater and took pictures of our good friends the Duff's.  It was blowing a gazillion miles an hour, and trying to rain every five minutes, but this family.....they are TROOPERS!  It didn't faze them a bit.  We'd run outside, snap a few pictures, feel the rain coming on, run back inside, wait a few minutes....and repeat.
But can I just tell you this?
Aaron & Katie ROCK as parents.  They are super chill (yet firm) and just don't let stuff get under their skin.  I thought this picture totally sums them up.....kids are doing their thing, and they are just smiling away.
That's a pretty good way to live life, I think.  :)
While we were waiting out the rain, Quinn & Tanner were showing me the cool things they'd won at the school carnival the night before.  (Aaron is the principal at the local elementary school.)  And I got to see their neat goldfish they had won too....Katie and I were trying to convince Quinn that it needed to live in his goat's water tank.  But I don't think was going to be convinced, lol.

After I got home from taking pictures, we loaded up and headed to Joseph to video a set of bred heifers we have for sale. 
SHAMELESS PLUG - If you're looking for a quality set of bred commercial heifers - call the Clinton!   541-609-0167 
They were AI'ed to KG Solution in April, and pasture exposed afterwards.  Heifers have Angus, Sim-Angus and Hereford influenced genetics.  (About 20% of them are baldies or brockle faced.)  They're a nice set of heifers and have a great disposition.
After videoing them and working on some other things up there, we headed home and got in late last night, just in time to do chores and check calving cows.
So with that - I'm off to fix lunch (split pea soup) and work on our taxes that are due this Wednesday.
Yes, I realize it's Monday. 
We love our accountant.  Really - Kristi is the BEST!  I just hope she still loves me after this week.
Something tells me I need to bring lots of Diet Pepsi and chocolate to her office when I drop off our stuff.
Have the best week!


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