Words worth living.

Much needed & prayed for rain drops are falling softly outside & we just walked in the house from eating tacos at Last Chance.   I'd planned to post about the heifers in Joseph tonight but they'll wait till later in the week.

We've been boxing up our office at work...the moving trucks arrive next week to help us haul our load into our new building up the hill.

So before they do, I thought I'd share this post that's been waiting patiently in the archives.

Like the rain, it's finally found it's time to bring grace.


Plastered around my office are quotes and thoughts that motivate me or encourage me.  I have some at home too, but it seems like at work is where I choose to use words as art the most. 

Some are handwritten, some are prints and some are just thoughts I love that I've typed out in Word and amateurishly cut and taped to my computer monitor. 

This sign, I bought at Goodwill for $3.99.  It's found a home on top of a file cabinet in the corner of my office, next to the antique cast steel Holstein door stop my dad gave me when I graduated college.  John Wayne is always right, right?

My sister gave me this card the first day I started working in Pendleton - it's one of my favorite quotes.   When I worked for National FFA in college, I was at a facilitator training and Andy Armbruster spoke those words.  They've been an encouragement in times when I feel stale, or lacking....or when I've totally messed up something and have had to be humble and work my way out of it.  It's then that I realize that green and growing (messing up and making it right) is way better than being a {know it all}.

I just found this quote on a blog this summer.  It's actually a modified version of a posted prayer - and a new mantra for me. 

Be a woman among women.  Be classy and humble.  Have a servant's heart.
Know the Lord deeply and profoundly.
Be a good woman in a storm.
Love yourself and be confident in who you are.

I love it.  And I want to be {that} woman.

 The black, square signs I've had since I worked in Heppner. They've lived on the walls of my office in Heppner, Kearney and Pendleton and while they're a bit scratched, I love them anyway.

Lindsay gave me the red metal sign - we each have one, and the Max Lucado quote is actually a greeting card that I've just hung up. 

There are things only you can do,
and you are alive to do them.
In the great orchestra we call life,
you have an instrument and a song,
and you owe it to God to play them both sublimely.

Play on.

It reminds me that we're all unique....that we all have God given talents...and that it's our job to make the most of them.

 My sister Linday gave me this print when we lived in Heppner, and I had it framed when we were back in Nebraska.  Many producers that come into my office ask about it's meaning, since it's what they look at when they're sitting at my desk.  I tell them to me, it means that even when you feel buried or overwhelmed - there's a gate out there.  A light at the end of the tunnel.  And that you'll get there....you just have to keep riding and working towards that gate.

I especially love it on my walls in my office - for those who or who've worked for FSA, I think you can understand why.

Dan Steiner works for our grain co-op in town and writes a daily email for the local farmers.  Sometimes he includes quotes at the end of his emails, and this one spoke to me.  Our office is large and complex, and it's a daily reminder that while we try not to, it's ok to have problems....but to make sure that we don't have emergencies.  This quote lives, taped on the top of my computer screen, so that I see and read it daily.

An old photograph from the Pendleton Round Up my mom gave me a few years ago sits behind it....it's a good reminder than women can find their place in a male dominated world.

So that's a little mini-tour with cell phone pictures of my {now} office and a look at the encouragement I try to keep around me.  Nothing super fancy, but all of these quotes encourage me.  Maybe not all at once, or all on the same day, but they are a part of my journey.  They're words that I think are worth living.

As we move up the hill into our new digs next week, and I move into a brand new, freshly painted office....these old words of wisdom will still remain.  And as silly as it sounds - I'm thankful for the encouragement they've provided me in this little space at 200 SE Hailey Street.

What words worth living do you have in your home or office?

Please share in the comments, or link to a blog post - I'd love to see or read them!


  1. I'm a quote collector too, Darcy. Love the words you surround yourself with. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. I. LOVE. THIS. POST! My favorite quote that I keep at my desk is "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." by Anais Nin. It reminds me that my world expands a little bit every time I get outside my comfort zone. ;-)


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