1 hour.

It's amazing what an extra hour of sleep does to me.

I know that not everyone loves the time change in the fall, because it's darker when you get home....but for me, this first week where my body wakes up at 4:00 and then I realize I get to sleep for another hour is golden.

I'm more awake, I'm happier, and I just feel better.

And I sooooo needed the extra sleep this week.

I think Clint would agree - when I broke down crying at the calving barn late Saturday night for no reason, other than I was tired and hungry, I think it was a good signal that I needed some rest.


I didn't have a lot of time to take pictures this weekend (I'll be honest, I spent my free time taking a nap Sunday afternoon), so I thought I'd post one of my favorites from a few years back.  I think this was taken in 2008 or 2009 after a Beaver's game during a weekend trip to Corvallis and it's been the desktop background on Clint's laptop for a sweet forever.

I love it.  And I love the man I'm standing by in it.

The happy you see on our faces?

That's the same kind of happy we both woke up with this morning.

1 hour.  I tell ya - we needed it this week.

Happy Tuesday friends!

Hope the extra hour is in your favor this week!


  1. The falling back isn't taking as much adjustment as I remember the spring forward time change. I am not a fan of the long evenings (currently, by shortly after 5:00 it's dark). I seem to be nodding off on the couch earlier in the evening, but I'm ready to go in the morn. A good cuppa coffee and I can do anything!

    I'm with you .... I need a good nights sleep and I take advantage of a nap every now and again.

    Have you heard of HALT? Hungry, Angry, Lonely, and/or Tired they affect our moods in negative ways.


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