AI'ing for Thomas Angus - Round III.

We helped the crew at Thomas Angus breed another set of cows this weekend, on a circle out at Boardman.  

I thought I'd show you how the set up looks for a Genex Chuteside Service project.  We've been using our portable AI barn and a palpation gate, and those have butted up to Thomas's WW Livestock portable corral.  (If a ranch doesn't have a corral, we'll bring out Daniels double alleyway, but that wasn't needed since Thomas's have their WW corral.)

Depending on the day, Chris has also set up additional panels to help sort in or create a wing to gather cattle into the corral.  Since we've bred at a different circle each time, the portable equipment has really made it convenient to AI these cows. 

The palpation gate has been a really nice addition to our normal set up, and we're trying to figure out how to take it with us everywhere we go. It's given Clint a way to "get out" of the barn and help push cattle into it, without having to go by me in the office area of the barn.  Basically, it helps free up an area that is typically very congested - especially on projects where we'll have two different guys breeding and me thawing in the office.

Speaking of the office....welcome to mine.  ;)

It has everything I need - Diet Pepsi, a heater....oh, and AI supplies. 


The heater is new actually - Clint thought it'd be nice since the weather was predicted to be so cold and we were at Home Depot Saturday night so we picked one up.  It kept the office area so toasty warm that when it was in the low teen's outside, I was thawing semen in short sleeves & a vest.   And because Clint can't wear a coat when he AI's (he can't wear any layers on his arm that he gloves up on, so most of the time he breeds in a long sleeve shirt with one sleeve rolled up, and a pair of bib overalls) the heater was nice for Clint too.  Our barn held the heat well, so much so that I had to turn it down to low about halfway through the morning group.

The guys brought the cows, Marty called out the matings, and Clint & I kept rolling along in the barn.

We like to see cows means they're in heat.  We'd just like them to keep the riding out of the alleyway, lol.   But David got them settled down and coming our way to the barn. 

The rest of the breeding went really well. 

Chris, David and Tyler brought the cattle and no one seemed to be waiting on one another which meant we all kept a good pace.  And thankfully Marty was there to help us mate & record numbers, and her help allowed us to move right along.

I'm not sure what the plan is for future re-breeds, but hopefully a majority of the cows took to the first AI and the Thomas's will see good conception rates.

This picture totally cracked me up - doesn't Tyler's horse look like a camel with his blanket on over his saddle?

No group picture this year, but it was another successful Genex Chuteside Service project.

And success, well it is reason enough.



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