Baby, it's cold outside.

On a ranch, when it's cold outside - the work still remains.

Actually, cold weather usually means more work.

Everyone on the ranch wakes up early to make sure cattle have access to thawed water troughs, enough feed to keep them going, and as much protection from the elements as we can provide.

With the cold temperatures and snow we received this past week, the guys have worked extra hard to make sure that all of the cows were taken care of, and had what they need to get through the weather.

As the cold weather continues, and if you're lucky enough to be snuggled up in your house all warm & toasty - remember that there's a rancher out there working to provide the best care they can for their cows when the weather turns cold so the cows in turn can provide us a safe & healthy food supply.


  1. Yesterday was our rawest day so far, 12* and a constant 25-30 mph wind. Road conditions were challenging due to blowing snow. They are talking more of the same today.

    One good thing about the cold is our weaned calves started eating their ration and not turned back. We have been rolling out a few bales for the cows, but not a "full feeding". Even with the snow there is still a lot of grazing available.

    Stay warm, Miss Darcy!

  2. Thank you for reminding us all, how much hard work goes into our food supply! I feel cold just reading it and seeing the pictures! Hope you get chances to snuggle under a blanket! Thanks for sharing with us at Country Fair Blog Party!


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