Halter breaking.

On Tuesday, we sent a steer and heifer (pictured above, pre-weaning) to our nephew Jace in Nebraska.  There was a truck hauling cattle bought in the BoBo sale headed that direction, so they got to hitch a ride.
Uncle Clint and Jace had it all figured out, and from the sounds of it - Jace is pretty excited to get his first Charolais cattle.

The semi hauling the cattle broke down in Cheyenne, so Clint's dad & Mel headed there to pick them up (instead of their desination in Ogallala) and today we got the following pictures & texts of them in their new home, and learning the life of a show heifer & show steer.

That's just a nicer way to say that they started to get halter-broke today.


The first day is always the toughest.  ;)


Text & pictures from Jace:

Dear Sexson's,

Nebraska is not what I expected.  The man in the red coat is making me angry!  When is the next truck?

Yet to be named steer

Dear Sexson's

Enjoying the view!  Sending a selfie.

The heifer


So it sounds like the heifer is adjusting well to her new life in "The Good Life" state, and well the steer....hopefully he'll come to the conclusion that living the life of a grain fed, well loved on by a 12 year cowman, show steer is pretty great and not worth the struggle at the halter.

We can all hope....  :)


  1. Love the texts from your nephew! Hope the halter breaking is going well for him and that the, "To Be Named" steer has settled in to his new life. :)
    Laurie - Country Link


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