Thomas Breeding Project.

We started breeding a set of fall cows for Thomas Angus out at Boardman this weekend.
We time bred a set of in heat cows late Saturday night and then went back out to yesterday morning to finish the rest of the cows.  We had our Double AI barn out there, and Thomas's just purchased a WW portable corral/alleyway system so with an additional set of panels we were able to get everything sorted and bred thru the AI barn.

Clint bred, I thawed, Matt kept records and mated the cows and Chris & Tomas brought the cows to the alleyway.  Thomas's had these cows mated to Xpand, Waylon, Black Granite & Full Power. 

The cows were super calm and went through the barn really well.

 The set of calves on the cows we bred this weekend looked great and I'm looking forward to heading back out next week to breed another set of cows on a different circle.

Success is reason enough!


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