White corrals.

I was going through old photos from earlier this fall and realized that I never shared with you the updates Mike & Patsy made down at the White Corrals.  This is where the ranch weans and feeds out the heifer calves, sorts cattle, doctors cows and calves in the spring & summer and breeds the replacement heifers in the spring.  It's a group of five large pens that sit in a wagon wheel fashion around the corral and hydraulic chute.  Before this summer, only two of the pens had concrete bunks but now four of the five do.  Mike & Patsy hired Coehlo's to do the pipe work on the bunks/pens and it looks great.  It's also an investment that will serve the ranch for many, many years - so in addition to looking sharp, it's also very practical.

The pens are all filled with heifers now, that were weaned from the ranch's fall and spring cows this summer.  They'll stay on feed until Mike & Clint choose the replacements and then the remainder of the heifers will get shipped to a different feedlot to get fattened for slaughter.  The replacement heifers will stay in the white corrals for awhile on feed, before they're trucked up to the butte and fed hay.  Then later in the spring, we'll bring them back to the white corrals where we'll AI them.


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