A goodbye to 2014.

It's December 31, 2014 and the year is coming to an end.  I know it sounds clique but 2014's been a good one.

2013 was hard after we lost my dad and all that happens after a death, and so if I'm being honest - I was ready for 2014 to be here.  A fresh start to have a good year.

2014 didn't dissapoint. As I look back and reflect on all that it brought - the new Double M Sale Barn, another successful AI season, a few trips, and lots of time with friends & family - I am so thankful.

Thank you 2014 for blessing us with another great year.

- January -

We kicked off the year with cattle.  Calving, bull sale prep, clipping and night checks filled the month.  And I don't think we'd have it any other way.

- February -

Clint turned 40 in February, and all of his Jr. college friends got together for a fun weekend in Colorado.  On the same trip, we headed over to Nebraska to see Clint's family....it would be the last time we'd get to see his Gramps before his passing in April.  Calving continued, the sale barn framework went up and we spent a lot of time at bull sales.

- March -

Brandings both at Double M and at friends, the end of calving, getting to see dear friends at the Oregon FFA State Convention and sunsets filled the month.  But the capstone?  The sale barn was completed (well, for the most part) and we hosted the Rollin' Rock Genetic Partners bull sale.

It was truly a month where success was reason enough.

- April -

In April - we begin breeding cows in earnest.  General life on the ranch happened, we celebrated Terry turning 60 and kept on living the dream.

- May -

May is when the pedal is to the metal in terms of breeding cattle.  We traveled across the state breeding, and capped the month off with our now annual trip to the Jordan Valley Big Loop Regular ranch work filled our spare moments.

- June -

June was jam packed. Breeding at the GI, congregating with cattlemen at both the UCCA and OCA summer gatherings, hauling cows to Ukiah, moving cows to grass and so much more filled the month.  We celebrated another anniversary and one more milestone in this great life we get to lead.

- July-

A yard renovation, two trips to Wallowa, irrigation & moving cows.  July is our "down"  month at the ranch, and we made the most of it by taking a few lazy days and just enjoying a bit of down time.

- August -

We lost our sweet Austin Power dog this month - for 12 years she was a part of Clint's life and it was tough to have to put her down.  But life moves on, and we spent time in Wallowa and at the ranch, and took in the fair & Farm City Rodeo.

- September -

FUN describes September.  Weddings, travel, branding, Round Up, roping with friends and time spent on the river just made this month fun.  With a capital F.

Oh - and this little post struck a nerve with many and brought over 65,000 people to this little space.

- October -

We sold our bred heifers this month, my office moved to it's new location and we hosted the BoBo sale.  Fall calving wrapped up at the ranch and the good life kept leading on.


We hit November running with more AI'ing, FFA auctions, breeding for Thomas Angus Ranch and some early winter weather marked the month.

- December -

When December rolls around, we end up spending lots of time at the ranch.  We also wrapped up the end of the Fall AI season, spent a few days in Vegas at the NFR - and had the best Bunco of the year!


2014 -  You've been a good one.

And 2015 - You have big shoes to fill.

But I just know it's going to be a great year!


  1. Happy New Year and the best of 2015 you and Clint!

  2. It's been a GREAT year! Here's to a new one just hours away!!

  3. I love how you recapped your year! And all your pretty pictures! Happy New Year, Darcy!

  4. Happy New Years!! It looks like you had an amazing year! Lots of fun activities. I hope 2015 is just as good!

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