I hope you had a Merry Christmas!
We headed to Amity to spend Christmas at Lindsay & Henry's house on Christmas Eve.  We got in pretty late, but Henry & Lindsay were still up watching a John Wayne movie marathon.
Henry speaks Clint's {John Wayne Western} love language.
Henry's uncle owns a large blueberry & caneberry farm that Henry manages, and it is so pretty there.  After breakfast, we took a drive around and took pictures at the top of the hill.  The blueberries are the brighter red colored fields and the white things are small turbines they use if it gets cold.

We had a nice morning of opening presents and just hanging out.

I guess Santa thought I'd been {nice} this year! 


The funniest part of the whole day though was before lunch....

 Henry & Lindsay just got a new Tempurpedic adjustable bed and we all wanted to see what it was like.  Other than Lindsay trying to fold us all into tacos at first (haha - no really, she did) we had a fun time seeing how sweet their new bed is.

 Poor Henry - he didn't know what he was getting himself into when he said the Vial's could celebrate Christmas at his house!


It was a great day, and we are thankful to Lindsay & Henry for hosting!

I hope your day was filled with joy & for one last time in 2014 -

Merry Christmas!


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