I mentioned that we spent part of Thanksgiving crabbing with Henry & Lindsay on Henry's boat.  What I didn't tell you was that this was Clint & I's first time with Lindsay & Henry on that boat.
You see - the last time we were at the coast as a family, Lindsay and Henry brought over their boat and it was a nice little boat that they went out crabbing in.  But the boat they brought then was a smaller flat bottomed boat without a covering on it.  So when Lindsay & Henry said we could go crabbing with them last weekend, I was excited....but I'm not dumb.  I know how much it rains on the coast in the fall and I was a tick nervous about how wet we were going to get.
This girl may have grown up on the west (WET) side of the state, but I am firmly entrenched in my now east (DRY) side ways.
75 inches of a rain a year vs. 12 inches of rain a year is a lot.
So you can imagine my surprise (RELIEF!) when Lindsay and Henry pulled up with Henry's {big} boat. 
I mean.
It was covered!  It had protection!  I was going to get wet, but not that wet!
And it had a heater.
I repeat.
I mean.  Who knew boats had such things?
I might be what you would call a novice angler.  ;)
We loaded ourselves up and headed out to the bay to set the first crab traps.  And while they were soaking, our mom called.  Lindsay told her to come out, and that we'd pick her up at the dock.  I told her - "You need to tell her the boat has a heater!"  She didn't mention anything to mom (I MEAN - IT HAS A HEATER!) and I think my mom felt guilted into coming out since we were all out there.
My mom is what you might call a "fair weather angler". 
Can't say that I blame her.
So when my mom got to the boat ramp where we were waiting and saw that WE WERE INDEED IN A COVERED BOAT WITH A HEATER, well she was just tickled.
Again, I can't blame her.  I was tickled too.
So from there, the crabbing experience could only be positive.  We might not have caught many (2 keepers total) but we had a grand time.



Thank you Lindsay & Henry!


  1.! It's straight out of Deadliest Catch..except with nicer crew mates and...a heater! What wonderful new adventures you get to try so close to home. I need to go find an exciting new venture...thanks for the inspiration!


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