In real life.

You know what is cool?
When you get to meet the people you know online through blogs in real life.
Maggie, Myla, Crystal & Myself - thanks to Anna for taking our picture!
Crystal blogs at Crystal Cattle and Myla blogs at The Purple Front Door.
Both are smart ladies, who have a passion for agriculture and we all just happened to be in Vegas last weekend for the NFR at the same time.  So - we made plans to meet "in real life" over breakfast. 
Our spouses and friends were there too, so the ten of us all met for breakfast at the MGM on Monday morning and ended up visiting for two hours! How fun is that?
It was super fun to meet everyone in person and even though we'd never "met" before, since we all follow each other on our blogs we had a lot to talk about.  Myla was there with her friend Maggie, and I was there with Anna and we all just had a great time visiting.  Our husbands all sat at another table together, and I think they enjoyed themselves too.  (Although they'd probably all tell you we were a little crazy to meet someone for breakfast that we'd never met before.  Lol.)  It was so fun to meet these girls, and get a chance to visit.  Maybe our paths will cross more often as we go through our careers.
IRL - In real life. 
I highly suggest it.  ;)
  I'll post more NFR pictures later this week after I get home - I flew back to Central Oregon for work meetings while Clint flew back home to breed cows - but I'll just tell you we SO enjoyed our little vacation in Vegas, and this was definitely one of the highlights.
Be sure to check out Myla & Crystal's blogs - and have a great rest of the week!


  1. I LOVE this post! And, I'm so smiling that your "online friends" are now becoming your real life friends!! Wishing you a great rest of the week...and I am SO going to go read their blogs! Sweet blessings!

  2. Such a fun trip! Hope you have a blast on rest of your travels this week.

  3. Hooray for REAL LIFE! Tonight, I'm thankful for you in real life more than you'll ever know.

  4. Darcy,

    I found your blog because I follow Crystal's and am so glad I did!! An Eastern Oregon girl myself it makes me feel at home to see some of the photos on your blog (I'm in Kansas now). I can't wait to read more!


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