Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve!

I started to type this post while I was sitting in the drivers seat of one of the ranch's feed trucks, while Jesse loaded it with grass bales. It may be Christmas Eve, but the cows still need to bed fed.

It's been raining here all morning. Jose, one of the feed truck drivers just asked me if we'd hang close with the tractor in case he gets stuck feeding at the white corrals. Santos almost got stuck yesterday feeding Pen 2, and with the extra rain again this morning he's being cautious.

The windshield wipers on the old yellow flatbed truck wipe and squeak and wipe some more.  We've had a lot of moisture here in the past week or so, and while no one is complaining since it's been so dry - we're also just trying to battle getting through mucked up field entrances, not getting feed trucks stuck in the middle of a field, and keeping a close eye on wet calves who have a tendency to get sick in this kind of weather.
Our 6 bales are loaded, Jose didn't get stuck and so we're off to feed the rest of the groups.....
I finished typing this post at the house, a little after lunch.
It's still raining, but the cows are fed, the chute is hooked up and we're working on getting showered and packed up so we can head to the valley and see my family for Christmas. 
A special thank you to the guys who are staying here to help get cows fed tomorrow.
But even in the rain - there is brightness.
Because on this day, so many, many years ago - a girl named Mary traveled a bumpy road to Bethelehem. A long & weary trip it must have been....and then only to arrive to no room at the Inn.  So to the barn she & Joseph went - and from that barn came the greatest gift any of us could ever receive at Christmas.
There are days at the ranch where we're not quite sure where we're being led.  Where we're cold and tired.   I'm not likening our experience to Mary's - but we've spent our fair share of time in a barn.
And so even today, wise men still seek Him.

We seek him from feed trucks & tractors. We seek him in the early morning as we pray quietly for strength and a willing attitude. We seek him in pickups at midnight as we drive through calving cows.
We seek him in the hard.
And we seek him in the joyful.

We are so blessed to live a great life knowing that what is to come is much greater than we could ever anticipate.

And all because a babe was born in a manger.
What a gift, that came from that barn.
Merry Christmas friends.

May you enjoy the love of family & friends, and be blessed by the birth & love of Jesus Christ.


  1. What a beautiful post, Darcy! Merry Christmas!! Jesus IS the reason for the season!

  2. Love you! Merry Christmas to one of the best gifts I've been given!! Beautiful words!!


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