We meet their expectations.


It's one of my favorite times right now at the ranch to take pictures of the spring cows.
They're soggy from the weight of a calf just entering the third trimester and big barreled around their middle.
Because they're being fed daily, they associate humans with good things and usually don't run away when I head out to the fields to take their pictures.
They're expecting.
In more ways than one.


They're expecting us to feed them.
They're expecting us to care for them.
They're expecting a calf, that we'll help care for.
But hopefully they'll do the brunt of the work.  ;)
They're expecting us to fulfill needs that they cannot, because they're animals.

And that's what ranchers do.
We fulfill their expectations.
Every day.  Every way.  As much as is possible.

Ranchers chain up in the ice and snow to feed.

Ranchers wake up early to check cows while others are sleeping in on weekends.

Ranchers don't know 8-5, but we do know 5-8.

And for as long as we're able - we'll meet their expectations.


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