5 on Friday.

We're still in the thick of calving and work has been super busy - so while my posting has been a bit random, and we're short on sleep - I wanted to post a few things today.
So in keeping with the {random} thing - here are 5 things that I'm loving this week!
1. Young Cattlemen's Tour
I spent today in Washington on the Young Cattlemen's Tour along with over 200 young cattlemen and women. 
Four tour buses. 
A great day of tours & educational seminars. 
And two hundred young, intelligent and motivated people who want to make the cattle industry better.
I'll post a full set of pictures next week.....
2. Taking the easy route.
Speaking of cattle & beef....I have been using these new Slow Cooker sauces for cooking pot roasts and am HOOKED.
Hooked as in hook, line & sinker.
These little pouches add so much flavor & ease to cooking a roast in the crockpot - and if you aren't using the slow cooker liners - JUMP ON THE DANG BANDWAGON!
Sometimes the easy route is also the sweet route.
3. Let me keep my fork.
Thanks to Amanda Spoo for posting this on Facebook -
The best is yet to come....
4. It just makes me smile.
Goofy cow.
But it totally makes me smile every time I see this picture.
5.  Welcome to the family!
And probably my favorite news of the week is that Henry asked my sister Lindsay to marry him last weekend and she said YES!
We are so excited for these two - and can't wait to watch their future continue to unfold.
Love always wins.
Happy Friday friends!
Keep living the dream!


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