Well, we're one week in to calving at Double M, and almost half of the first calf heifers have calved and a quarter of the second calf cows have calved.
All of the heifers and half of the second calf cows were all synchronized and artificially inseminated, so we expected half or more of them to calve around their due date.  Both groups are part of Genex's Progeny Test, which means we AI'ed a third of them to a proven bull, and two thirds of them to a young sire.
The heifers were AI'ed to Thunder and McCoy.
Thunder is a proven bull, and McCoy is a newer bull to Genex's line up.  From the calves we've had so far, I would be comfortable saying that McCoy is a good heifer bull - he certainly stands up to what Genex calls him; a "Bet the Ranch" heifer bull.

Now we just need the rest of these ladies to calve!


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