Last light.

There are evenings when work at the office or on the ranch takes you right up until sunrise, and then right past.
As the sun falls and the night begins to get dark, we head to do chores at the barn - extra twin calves are bottle fed, more twin calves suckle the two Jersey cows in milk (as of yesterday we're at 5 pairs of twins and counting), and the pairs that are stalled inside for one more night get fed and watered.  Guys in pickups with spotlights attached drift through the fields adjoining the barn looking for heifers who might need some assistance.  In a good night - chores are it.  Once they're done, we head back to the house for dinner and a quick nap before the 9 pm check.

  But on some nights, like a few we've had this week, you feel like you could have hosted a calving school at the barn.  In two hours Clint cycled three heifers through the pulling stall - a set of twins, one mal-presentation and a third and final heifer who just didn't have it in her to push.  Once the calf is pulled, and the heifer's received a shot of Oxytocin, colostrum is milked out and the calf is bottle fed (so that we know they get colostrum) before being placed in their own pen with their mama to be licked off and loved on.

Back at the house, dinner consists of warmed up leftovers that are eaten in an easy chair so you can kick your feet up and rest for a few minutes before heading back out to check.  But before; a load of laundry gets thrown in, the floors get swept but dishes stay stacked in the sink until tomorrow.

There are days when there just isn't enough time; so priorities take precedence.

On a ranch, the cows always come first.  Always.  And calving time is just one of those seasons where the work usually outnumbers the hours available to complete it all in.  So sleep is sacrificed, and we just keep on going - doing what we can.

It's just the way it is.  And because we love this life, we'll keep on living it.

Hopefully we'll live it well.


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