Meet Dot.

Meet Dot.
Short for Polka Dot.
Because she has one large one right on the back of her neck.

Ryan & Amy had a litter of Border Collie puppies out of Ryan's male and Amy's female and we were able to get a female out of that litter.  Dot is almost 8 weeks old, and Ryan brought her to us on Wednesday. 

She's starting to adjust to life at Double M with Leo, and without her 9 other siblings.  The first night was a little lonely I think, but she's getting the hang of things and is quite the little snuggle bug.
When she isn't playing that is - she is a puppy still, of course.  :)  Leaves, old socks and blanket edges were her favorite things to play with yesterday.

We're so thankful for her - and think she's going to fit in just fine here.
Clint says they only stay a puppy for awhile, and while he's right - I'm still going to enjoy the puppy phase while it's here.
Late night wake up's for potty breaks and all.  :)


  1. Way to look on the bright side of life!! ;-)

  2. super cute. And, she looks super fast!

  3. Darcy, she's is absolutely adorable! I wanna pick her up and snuggle her so hard!

  4. what a sweet puppy... We have always had border collies and in the process of trying to find a companion for our Ben who is 12 years old. Ben is the keep of our farm.


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