Mornings at the ranch.

Mornings at Double M all look about the same this time of year.
It doesn't matter if it's a Monday or a Saturday, or Christmas or the 7th of January.
The cows still need to be fed.

And these guys work hard each and every day to get it all done.


Duane - You'll rarely catch him facing a camera.  ;)


And Clint!
 Picture is by 4 year old Teagan.

And sometimes these girls get to help too.


Jack & Deana's daughter Teagan often rides with Jack & Duane to feed, but sometimes she'll choose to go with Clint and I. 
We are a little more enticing now that we have a puppy that goes with us, lol.
Teagan loves Dot!


  1. The good life ... lived well! And that Teagan - so, so cute!!

  2. Who wouldn't choose the truck with the border collie puppy! :D


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